Design & Technology

A Level

Product Design

Component 1: Principles of Design & Technology (50% Externally Assessed)

All designers must understand how to design and make products that can be made using existing industrial methods and materials. Principles of Design & Technology develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of industrial processes, materials and techniques so that they are able to confidently design creative and realistically solutions to a variety of design problem. They will also study factors that influence the development of different products and how the design and manufacturing industry works. The course has a mathematical element that requires pupils to apply mathematical principles to the process of product design development.

Component 2: Independent Design & Make Project (50% Internally Assessed)

The Design & Make Project enables pupils to create and develop a product from the initial analysis of a problem through to product evaluation and testing. The project will include, researching, creating and developing ideas through sketches, 3D modelling and CAD, Planning to manufacture and the manufacture of a 3D prototype of a product. Pupils will have access to the department’s variety of technologies including Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters, a 3D Printer, Injection Moulding Machine, a Vacuum Former, Metal casting machine and facilities.

Career Opportunities

The A level Product Design course enables pupils who wish to go in to the design profession to develop a portfolio of work that is essential when applying for design based university courses or apprenticeships. Pupils last year went on to study, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design.


Mr N Taylor: (HOF)