Drama & Theatre Studies


Drama and Theatre inspires students to become independent theatre makers.  The course explores a range of texts through practical performance and the theoretical analysis of drama.  

Component 1: Drama and Theatre 

(80 marks 40% of the overall A Level)
Written Exam: Open Book
Externally Assessed
In this unit students are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre. The paper is divided into three sections: Drama Through The Ages, 20th and 21st Century Drama and Live Theatre Production. The students will explore the theatrical processes and practices involved in interpreting and performing theatre. They will also examine how plays are constructed for performance and conveying meaning. They will be required to see and analyse a range of theatrical productions throughout the course.

Component 2: Creating Original Drama 

(60 marks 30% of the overall A Level)
Working Notebook 40 marks
Devised Performance 20 marks
Internally Assessed
Students will devise, rehearse and perform an original piece of theatre in front of an audience. As part of the project they will study a key practitioner who will influence their work. They will also create a working notebook documenting their creative process.
Component 3: Making Theatre
(60 marks 30% of the overall A Level)
Performance of an Extract 40 marks
Reflective Report 20 marks
Externally Assessed
The students practically explore three extracts from different plays. The extracts will be explored through a series of teacher-led workshops. The students will then formally present one of these extracts to an audience and examiner. They will be required to produce a reflective report in which they analyse their theatrical interpretation of the extracts.


Mr T Daley: tdaley.312@lgflmail.org (HOF)
Mr A Macleanl: amaclean1.312@lgflmail.org (HOD)