Studying French at A-Level not only improves your language skills but also it provides you with insights into France’s history and culture. If you do plan on travelling after completing your A Level studies, studying French at A-Level will truly enhance your experience.


Year 1
Theme 1: Changes in French society
Theme 1 is set in the context of France only. This theme covers following social issues and trends:
  • Changes in family structures
  • French Education
  • The world of work
Theme 2: Political and artistic culture in French-speaking countries
Theme 2 is set in the context of francophone countries and communities. This theme covers artistic culture (through music and festivals and traditions) and political and artistic culture (through media).
Film: Intouchables
Year 2
Theme 3: Immigration and multicultural society in France
Theme 3 is set in the context of France only. This theme covers social issues and trends.
  • The positive impact of immigration on French society
  • The challenges of immigration and integration in France
  • The National Front/The extreme right Party
Theme 4: Occupation and Resistance
Theme 4 is set in the context of France only. This theme covers political culture;
  • Occupied France
  • The Vichy government
  • The Resistance
Book: No et Moi


Termly assessments (Listening/ Reading/ Writing/ Speaking) and formal examinations as follows:
Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation – 40% of the total mark;
Paper 2: Written response to works, grammar and translation – 30% of the total mark;
Paper 3: Speaking – 30% of the total mark.


Mrs K Daley: (HOF)

Ms I Norguet: (HOD)