Government and Politics


The study of everything that effects our lives. The course introduces students to the UK political system. Politics is all about how society manages differing opinions. It impacts every level of daily life, irrespective of your chosen career path or skill base. If you believe that keeping up to date with the latest political and social news is a fundamental part of your day – if you enjoy discussion and accept that there are no right or wrong answers, then you should be on the A level Government and Politics course at Haydon School.


The Government and Politics course is split into three areas of study over two years
You will study and discuss such questions as ‘What is Brexit all about and why is it happening?’, ‘What powers does the Prime Minister have?’, ‘Why was the result of the 2017 General Election such a surprise?’ and ‘Is Britain truly democratic?’
You will learn the ways that citizens participate in the UK Political system. We explore factors that may affect why people vote for a particular party during election time. Students will also gain an understanding of our electoral system and the role of political parties and pressure groups. You will also study the Constitution and the Judiciary and its ever changing role as well as
the Prime Minister and his/her relationship with other Cabinet Ministers and the subsequent powers and constraints he/she may exercise. The final topic is on the Westminster Parliament and the other assemblies/parliaments within the United Kingdom.
Find out the answers to questions like ‘How did Donald Trump become President?’, ‘Why it so easy to have a gun in the USA?’, and ‘Why is race such a big issue in America?’ You will also have the opportunity to compare and contrast US and UK politics.
You will learn about how American elections operate, what influences the voting behaviour of the American public, as well as looking at Pressure groups, and Political Parties in the American political system. This unit also covers the main institution of US Government, the Presidency (including Cabinet and EXOP), Congress, Supreme Court and the Constitution. As you explore American politics you will be comparing it to UK politics.
You will examine some of the great ideas that have shaped our world for good or ill, including Liberalism, Socialism, and Conservatism; and at the work and influence of key political thinkers such as Karl Marx, Mary Wollstonecraft and Edmund Burke. This topic looks at the wider theories that have influenced the way the UK and US have been governed. As well as the three main ideologies listed above, you will also explore Feminism, seen as one of the most successful political movements in the last century, and Nationalism, which with the election of leaders such as Trump, is on the rise in many places
around the world


3 x exam papers each worth 33.3% of the final qualification.


Mr M Wade: (HOD)