Information Technology

Cambridge Technicals in IT - OCR Board

This qualification aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of IT and Global Information Systems. Students will gain an insight into the IT sector as they investigate the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure,
and the flow of information on a global scale, and the importance of legal and security considerations.


Year 1
Unit 1: Fundamentals of IT
A sound understanding of IT technologies and practices is essential for IT professionals. Information learnt in this unit will create a solid foundation in the fundamentals of hardware, networks, software, the ethical use of computers and how  businesses use IT.
Unit 2: Global Information
The purpose of this unit is to demonstrate the uses of information in the public domain, globally, in the cloud and across the Internet, by individuals and organisations. Students will discover that good management of both data and information is essential and that it can give any organisation a competitive edge.
Year 2
Unit 3: Cyber Security
During this unit students will gain knowledge and understanding of the range of threats, vulnerabilities and risks that impact on both individuals and organisations. Students will learn about the solutions that can be used to prevent or deal with cyber security incidents resulting from these challenges and will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding of cyber security issues and solutions by reviewing and making recommendations for ways to best protect digital systems and information.
Unit 9: Product development
The purpose of this unit is to prepare students to undertake product development activities. Students will learn about different product design methodologies and the role of the product development life cycle. In addition, they will discover the factors that influence product developments.
Unit 6: Application Design
In this unit students will explore potential ideas for a new application and develop the fundamental design for it. They will then develop the designs for an application and consider how users will interact with it. Students will have the opportunity to present
their ideas, prototype them, and gain feedback before refining their designs. Besides the technical knowledge that you will gain about designing an application, you will also learn key transferable skills such as liaising with clients, questioning people effectively to gain the information you need to develop successful designs, and presenting your ideas to an audience and getting feedback from them.


Unit 1: Fundamentals of IT 90 minute examination: 25% of qualification.
Unit 2: Global Information 90 minute examination: 25% of qualification.
Unit 3: Cyber Security 60 minute examination: 16% of qualification.
Unit 9: Product development - Externally set coursework: 17% of qualification.
Unit 6: Application design - Externally set coursework: 17% of qualification.

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