Further Mathematics


Why Study Further Mathematics?

There are many good reasons to take Further Mathematics:

  • Students taking Further Mathematics overwhelmingly find it to be an enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating and empowering experience.
  • For someone who enjoys mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and/or more sophisticated mathematical concepts.
  • Students who take Further Mathematics find that the additional time spent studying mathematics boosts their marks in single A level Mathematics.
  • It makes the transition from sixth form to university courses which are mathematically rich that much easier as more of the first year course content will be familiar.
  • It enables students to distinguish themselves as able mathematicians in their applications for university and future employment.
  • The Further Mathematics course is highly recommended for students who wish to take mathematics or a mathematically related subject at degree level. Some top Universities are now only accepting applications for Mathematics for students who have taken both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

A Level

New linear structure

All of the A level content will be examined at the end of the course.


on problem solving, reasoning and modelling, and a requirement for the use of technology to permeate teaching and learning.


There will be some choice in content for A level Further Mathematics.

A level Further Mathematics has 50% of the content prescribed by the DfE.

Awarding organisations can decide on the topics included in the remaining 50% of the content. There will some choice of topics offered within this remaining 50%.




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