Further Mathematics


There are many good reasons to take Further Mathematics:
  • For someone who enjoys Mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and/or more sophisticated mathematical concepts.
  • It makes the transition from sixth form to university courses which are mathematically rich that much easier as more of the first year course content will be familiar.
  • It enables students to distinguish themselves as able mathematicians for their applications for university and future employment.
  • The Further Mathematics course is highly recommended for students who wish to take mathematics or a mathematically related subject at degree level.
  • Some top Universities are now only accepting applications for Mathematics for students who have taken both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Year 1
Cover the whole of the A Level Mathematics Specification (see Mathematics).
Year 2
Core Pure (50% of the content):
  • Proof
  • Complex numbers
  • Matrices
  • Further algebra and functions
  • Further calculus
  • Further vectors
  • Polar coordinates
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Differential equations


All exams will be taken at the end of the A Level. There will be two Core Pure exams of 75 marks each and will take one and half hour each. They will also take another two exams of 75 marks each and will take one and half hour each. The options will be chosen based on the cohort:
  • Further Pure;
  • Further Statistics;
  • Further Mechanics;
  • Decision Mathematics.


Ms L Emerson: lemerson2.312@lgflmail.org (HOF)

Ms E Maher: emaher.312@lgflmail.org (KS5)