Media BTEC - Foundation Diploma

BTEC Level 3 foundation Diploma in Creative digital Media Production EDEXCEL BOARD

This course takes up one option pool however is the equivalent of 1.5 A levels. It is intended for those students who wish to specialise in print production, ideally in preparation for a career in that industry. The course broadly involves:
  1. Researching and Analysing Print texts;
  2. Developing technical skills in terms of photography, DTP and design;
  3. Producing and evaluating a range of print texts.


a) This course is worth one A-Level advanced course and so takes up one option pool;
b) It will take two years to complete the course;
c) It CANNOT be taken alongside AS/A2 Media Studies;
d) Student numbers on this course will be limited to 15 maximum. If there are more than 15 students, the Head of Faculty for Performing Arts and Media will determine entry on an individual basis.


Externally examined Units include:
  • Media Representations;
  • Responding to a Commission.
Internally assessed units include:
  • Pre-Production Portfolio;
  • Advertising;
  • Digital Magazine;
  • Media Campaigns.
These units will be assessed through a series of major pieces of practical work.


Mr T Daley (HOF)