A level aqa BOARD

Philosophy is a subject that is both ancient and current. Philosophy students seek to understand the mysteries of existence and reality. They try to discover the nature of truth and knowledge and to find what is of value and importance in life. Philosophy
arises out of wonder, curiosity, and the desire to know and understand. Students who study Philosophy will learn and be
able to demonstrate important skills that are highly desirable for university study in a range of different subject areas (e.g. law, journalism, psychology, history & politics). They will develop your ability to question, analyse, debate, reason and think critically. A background in philosophy is sought-after in many professions, including law, journalism, teaching, government and politics, psychology and history.


Year 1
Epistemology: This is the study of knowledge and how we learn things. In this module you will question how you know what you know, can it be trusted, what knowledge is, and are there limits to what we can know?
Metaphysics of God: This unit is all about God and the central question of God’s existence. You will evaluate classical arguments for God’s existence such as the design and cosmological arguments. You will also study the problem of evil and explanations
for why a loving, all-powerful God would allow his creation to suffer.
Year 2
Moral Philosophy: This is also known as Ethics. It is the study of the human understanding of right and wrong. Are there somethings that are always right or wrong, or does it depend on other factors, such as the amount of people who may or may not benefit? You will explore whether stealing or lying could ever be moral and whether killing animals or other humans
(even in computer games) can be justified.
Metaphysics of the Mind: Finally students will  explore what we understand the mind to be. Is it separate from the body? Are we a body or do we have a body? You will understand different perspectives on whether we are just physical beings or in some way more than this, and what the implications of this might be for the way we view ourselves.


The course will be assessed at the end of year 13 by two 3 hour exams. Each exam is worth 50% of the overall grade.


Miss G Solomons: (HOD)