Photography is used in everyday life, in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. It is used to convey personal identity more widely than any other art form.


Year 1
Coursework “Darkroom and digital skills”.
Year 2
Coursework “Creative Investigation”.
Final exam – theme set by the exam board.


60% coursework, 40% exam – both internally assessed and externally moderated.
Component 1 is titled ‘a personal investigation’ and continues on from the AS qualification to last 18 months. It incorporates three major elements: supporting studies, practical work, and a personal study. Supporting studies and practical work will comprise a portfolio of development work and outcomes based on themes and ideas developed from personal starting points. In the personal study students are required to investigate photography and design practice through a technical, contextual
or stylistic study. Students will be required to work in one or more of the disciplines. The personal study will be evidenced through critical written communication showing contextual research and understanding in a minimum 1000 words of continuous prose, which may contain integrated images. Component 1 is worth 60% of the total qualification.
Component 2 is an  externally Set Assignment (ESA) and is worth 40% of the total qualification. Preparatory studies will comprise a portfolio of practical and written development work based on the ESA. During the 15–hour period of sustained focus, students
will produce final outcome(s) extending from their preparatory studies in response to the ESA.


Ms S Grealish: (HOD)