The application of scientific knowledge in modern technology and medicine affects every aspect of our lives, and a widespread understanding of science is vital for any modern society. In Physics we place an emphasis upon the understanding of scientific principles and their applications in everyday life, and the course involves a large element of practical work. 
The AQA A level in Physics builds on mainly the second module of GCSE Additional Science. Through the two years there are eight areas of study, including one “option” module in the second year.  The AQA also includes a large amount of practical work through the two years including 12 core experiments. The course give a general insight into how the physical world works and gives a very good grounding in general science.

YEAR one

Students will study Particles and Radiation, Waves, Mechanics and Materials, Electricity.

YEAR two 

Students will then continue their studies including Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics, Fields and Their Consequences, Nuclear Physics and one out of Astrophysics/Medical Physics/Engineering Physics/Turning Points in Physics/Electronics.
At the end of the A level course students will sit three exams:
Paper 1 (34% of the A level) – The year 12 material and some Further Mechanics 
Paper 2 (34% of the A level) – Thermal Physics, Fields and Nuclear Physics (plus aspects of paper 1 content)
Paper 3 (32% of the A level) - Practical Skills and Data Analysis Paper plus the optional module
Each Exam Paper is 2 hours long. There is no coursework.
There are 12 compulsory practicals throughout the course, the content of which are tested in each exam (and mainly in Paper 3). The A level in Physics will be graded A*-E with a pass or fail in Practical Skills (called a Practical Endorsement). If a student is absent for one of these practicals they must do the practical at a point convenient for the teachers. Students missing any practicals will not pass the Practical Endorsement.
A level Physics is a widely respected A level and would go very well alongside Chemistry and Maths based A Levels.


Mrs A Houston: (HOF)
Mr L Rowe: (HOD)