Studying Spanish A level prepares students to be citizens of Spanish-speaking society, with an understanding of arts & culture, history & politics. A deeper knowledge of language and grammar will instil the confidence to express opinions on a variety of


Year 1
Theme 1: Evolution of Spanish society. The theme is set in the context of Spain only and covers social issues and trends:
  1. The changing structure of the family unit;
  2. The world of work;
  3. Tourism.

Theme 2: Culture, politics and art in the Spanish -speaking world. The theme is set in the context of Spanish-speaking countries and communities. This theme covers artistic culture (through music and festivals and traditions) and political and artistic culture (through media). 

Film Study: el Laberinto del Fauno

Year 2
Theme 3: Imm igrat ion and mult icultural
soc iety in Spa in. This theme is set in the context
of Spain only. This theme covers social issues and
trends such as:
  • The positive impact of immigration on Spanish society;
  • The challenges of immigration and integration in Spain;
  • Immigration policies.
Theme 4: The dictatorsh ip of Franco and the transition to democracy. the theme is set in the context of Spain only and covers political culture:
  • The Civil War (1936-1939);
  • Franco’s dictatorship;
  • The transition to democracy.
Novel study: Como Agua para Chocolate


Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation (40% of the total mark ) In the Listening part of this paper, you will answer
multiple choice and comprehension questions in Spanish on a variety of recordings. In the Reading section, you will also answer multiple choice and comprehension questions in Spanish, based on a variety of passages. You will also translate a passage
from Spanish to English.
Paper 2: Writing (essays on film and novel) and translation (30% of the total mark) In this paper, you will write about two books or one book and a film that you have studied throughout the year. There will also be a translation passage from
English to Spanish.
Paper 3: Speaking exam (30% of the total mark) Before this exam you will have 5 minutes to prepare a discussion based on a stimulus card you have been given. You will then discuss the topic of the card with your examiner. Then you will give a presentation on an independent research project you will have conducted and answer further questions on the topic.


Mrs K Daley: (HOD)