Ethos and Mission Statement


To encourage individual excellence within a caring community by:

  • recognising and providing for individual differences
  • promoting equality of opportunity
  • encouraging success

To give students the opportunity to fulfill their potential by:

  • providing a broadly based education in the years of compulsory schooling
  • offering a range of courses to meet the needs of all students
  • providing a wealth of creative/artistic, cultural, sporting and other extra-curricular activities

To ensure that students have the confidence to shape their role in a multicultural society by:

  • giving students opportunities to work together in order to encourage tolerance of and respect for others
  • developing students’ self-awareness, self-reliance and the ability to manage their own learning
  • ensuring that students can communicate effectively and are literate, numerate and proficient in information and communication technology

To prepare students for the challenges of a diverse and rapidly developing global economy by:

  • developing students' understanding of the nature of international society in the new millennium
  • ensuring that students have a commitment to lifetime learning
  • providing the means for students to access continuing education and the world of work